Inside The Gemstone File

It's the most notorious rant in the history of conspiracy theories! The Gemstone File consists of hundreds of letters handwritten in many segments over a number of years by Bruce Roberts, the creator of synthetic rubies. Hughes Aircraft stole Roberts' rubies in 1960 for use in laser weapons research. His subsequent investigation of the theft inspired Roberts to write the Gemstone letters, tracking the secret history of the international mob and industrial espionage, and their role in political intrigue. In 1975, a 24-page chronology known as the Skeleton Key to The Gemstone File began to circulate and has now become a legendary classic of conspiracy literature.

Aristotle Onassis Versus Howard Hughes: Gemstone tells the story of internecine warfare between Aristotle Onassis and Howard Hughes. According to the Gemstone, Onassis and the International Mafia kidnapped and held Hughes as a drugged-up prisoner for ten years. As sole controller of Hughes Aircraft and related industries, the Mafia could exploit Hughes' empire without a company board meeting ever taking place.

Conspiracy Around The World: The Gemstone File became the prelude to a down-under counterpart, the Kiwi Gemstone, detailing secret power machinations from the 1980s-the Nugan Hand bank scandal, Iran-contra, BCCI-to the present, providing an essential outline of events surrounding the famous Octopus research of martyred writer Danny Casolaro.

Inside The Gemstone File also includes for first time previously unseen Gemstone artifacts, including an actual Bruce Roberts letter. It also provides commentary on Gemstone by such noted researchers as Robin Ramsay and Jim Hougan, a new a essay on connections to the James Bond movies by popular author David Hatcher Childress, plus interviews, Onassis and Hughes bios, and a chapter on the mysterious deaths of conspiracy researchers. Assembled by Kenn Thomas, the vaunted publisher of the conspiracy magazine Steamshovel Press, Inside the Gemstone File brings the reader closer than ever to the Gemstone intrigue, some of the wildest, most controversial material in the history of conspiracy.

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