Here are some examples of statements from the Easy Papers with Ron Halbritter's commentary about those statements.:

Para. 6 "...[In one year] The records ...indicate that Crisman sent over a thousand reports on the political leaders in the state [ of Washington].

Commentary--- A thousand reports? Thatís three a day, how did he find time to investigate and write three reports a day.

Para. 7 "... His course of study was an odd patchwork of classes that brought him to the attention of the officers of the University..."

Commentary---Do school administrators really examine each individual students classes? Students have an obligation to take diverse classes, and itís not likely the administration will express concern.

Para. 7 "... and Crisman submitted a report to the ... Bureau that was highly critical of the Education Division... His reports were used as a basis for re-drawing the complete civil training methods of..."

Commentary--- Our educational institutions are desperately in need of many reforms, Powerful institutions pull one way while special interest groups and religious organizations pull another. To suggest that Crisman could make changes with one report is not only ridiculous but an insult to all those students who received broken heads trying to bring about change.

Para. 10: " ... He had an office ... with the National Student Association but was asked to resign..."

Commentary--- This is recurring theme throughout the Easy Papers. Crisman is constantly leaving jobs, not because he was fired, but because the CIA asked him to resign.

Para.11: "... Agentís of Crismanís training are given great latitude..."

Commentary--- What latitude? He was asked to resign in the paragraph above.

Para. 14 "... Crisman was serving as Superintendent of schools at Huntington, Oregon and was suddenly ordered to resign."

Commentary --- Records from Huntington, Oregon indicate Crisman was fired after a traffic ticket and arrest for drunken driving with possession of barbituates.

Para. 14 "... He applied for a Job in Tacoma... but was ordered to resign and find a job closer to Seattle..."

Commentary --- Tacoma is close to Seattle. He was given a teaching position in Tacoma but was terminated when the background check found the Drunk Driving incident in Huntington, Oregon.

Para.17,-18 Have to do with Boeing Aircraft company in Seattle. Boeing had at the time roughly 30,000 employees. Yet Crisman ... " filed several lengthy reports that demanded Boeing rearrange their hiring process...Boeing...file 11" thick."

Commentary--- A file 11 inches thick is about 8,000 pages, in an era before word processors and Xerox machines. This indicates that same writing skill that allowed him to write a thousand reports on political leaders. Keep in mind his employment at Boeing was measured in months, not years.

Para. 20 "... He considered the discipline of Tacoma Schools very loose."

Commentary --- Is the discipline at Tacoma Schools the type of thing the CIA sends agents to investigate?

Para. 21 "... He was placed in a position of authority in the Longview, Washington school system... he resigned and took a job across the river..."

Commentary --- Once again, his job lasted only as long as the background check. But Special Agent Crisman can easily blame it all on the CIA ordering him to leave. Across the river is in the state of Oregon. Apparently Crisman hoped to lose his background checks by crossing into another state.

Para. 23, 24, 25. Have to do with a clash with the administration of a school in Salem, Oregon with the result that the school administration building burned down and all personnel records were destroyed.

Commentary --- This one I believe. I bet that as a result of Crismanís anger the building was burned down and all records were lost.

Para. 28. 29 Have to do with Crisman taking on the Costa Nostra, and he provides proof; A bullet hole in his car.

Commentary ó Do those Costa Nostra hitmen really stop after one shot? And then, to add insult to injury the rotten guys sent an anonymous letter to Jim Garrison linking Crisman to the Kennedy Assassination. Is there any other precedent for Mafia gangsters sending anonymous letters to District attorneys?

Para. 31 Crisman is given orders to disrupt the "Manager-Council government of the City of Tacoma". Why? Because the CIA doesnít like Manager-Council city governments.

The Easy Papers are not creditable. And when Jim Marrs refers to them, it makes the entire book subject to question. And itís a pity too, as I did want to Believe.

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