Deep Diana

Deep Background on Diana: Adnan Khashoggi

Connecting recent events, as ever, to important conspiracy research, Steamshovel offers an excerpt from The Octopus by Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith (see below for more info on the book). It describes Danny Casolaro's interest in Adnan Khashoggi, famed arms merchant and Dodi Fayed's uncle. Dodi Fayed, of course, died along with Princess Diana in a crashed automobile incident in Paris at the end of August. Like the Sultan of Brunei, Adnan Khashoggi is but one possible familial link that many researchers are studying to learn the source of Fayed wealth. He is well-known as an arms-merchant from the Reagan/Bush era, but maintained a high profile in the corporate corruption world as far back as Nixon. This excerpt comes from an essay by Jim Hougan, renown author of Secret Agenda and Spooks, published in a 1978 collection entitled Crimes At The Top: Deviance In Business and the Professions. It provides of view of Khashoggi in the early 1970s, when he worked as an agent for Lockheed.