Fusion Paranoia IV:

From "American Militia Papers," by Gerald A. Carroll, author of Project Seek, a book on the Gemstone File:

"Like many other mainstream journalists, Michael Kelly [in coining the phrase 'fusion paranoia' in New Yorker] is catching up to the story that this current militia fervor is nourished by much more than just gun control or wild New World Order conspiracies. Genuine people with genuine fears are being hurt in a variety of ways by what they feel is an unfeeling, mechanical government apparatus that has run amok... Kelly's piece represented a departure from the New York literati norm of lampooning the militia movement and its ancillary "conspiracy researchers." Anybody who has ever read the publications to which Kelly refers--i.e. Paranoia, Flatland, Steamshovel Press, et al--much of that material is rooted in fact, not "theory." It is a matter of giving the "conspiracy researchers" like Robert Fletcher or anyone else at least marginal credit for collecting and interpreting a maze of the government's own documentation that clearly points to counterrevolutionary/reactionary activity by the current administration." "American Militia Papers" are available from gerald-carroll@uiowa.edu. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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