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It’s an exciting time to join a growing liberal arts program of study in theatre and dance that is centered on a philosophy of cross-disciplinary instruction and experiences in performance, direction, choreography, design, technology, and history. After a two-decade hiatus, theatre has re-emerged on campus and is now joined by dance providing a wide range of opportunities for students to perform and create in the state-of-the-art, Touhill Performing Arts Center, which opened on campus in 2003. 

The B.A. degree in Theatre and Dance provides majors with both a solid core of theatre and dance courses and also the flexibility to design a course of study tailored to the individual student’s interests. Students with credits earned within the existing B.A. in Communication/Theatre Emphasis degree may choose to complete that degree plan, or transfer those credits to the Theatre and Dance degree. Non-majors are welcome to enroll in Th&Dan courses and several of the courses satisfy general education requirements. Students in other disciplines may also elect to pursue a Minor in Theatre and Dance. 

The theatre and dance faculty are committed to excellence. They are dedicated educators and accomplished professionals in their specialties, and while high standards are maintained in the classroom and on-stage, the faculty remains accessible to students and is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for students to explore, expound, and excel in the art and craft of theatre and dance.