International Communication, regulation/policy, and media analyst

Tom McPhail is Professor of Media Studies and a Fellow in the Center for International Studies at the University of Missouri –St.Louis. Recently, he published one of the most authoritative books in international communication entitled, Global Communication: Theories, Stakeholders, and Trends (London: Blackwell Publishers, 2006). It has major chapters on the Middle East Media and the Internet. Previously in addition to numerous articles, he published Electronic Colonialism with Sage Publishers, and Communication: The Canadian Experience, co-authored with Brenda McPhail, and published by Copp-Clark. This latter book has a major section on Marshall McLuhan’s theories. McPhail taught with McLuhan at the University of Toronto in the 1970s. During the 1980s he worked on various projects for UNESCO in Paris. He teaches courses dealing with international media, cultural studies, and telecommunication policy.

McPhail has developed a new theory of international communication. It is called the theory of electronic colonialism, which now has impacted global communication as the leading theory. More details about the theory are available at

Finally, McPhail appears as a media/communication/telecom critic in various international and national outlets such as USA TODAY, NPR, Kansas City Star, the CBC, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Star, Newhouse newspapers, Associated Press, UPI, and on numerous web sites.


Tom McPhail
University of Missouri-St.Louis
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phone: 516-6640