by Nan Sweet

In homage to that great practitioner of the literary clerihew, W.H. Auden (Homage to Clio, Academic Graffiti).

Charlotte Smith Was no maker of myth. She meant everything she said While walking round Beachy Head. Jane Taylor Was no sailor. She only got so far As to wish upon a star. Hannah More Knew the score: Slavery was a sin, But humility was in. Felicia Hemans Was no Samuel Clemens. Any small boys who acted like bores She turned into Spaniards and Moors. Although she posed for Gainsborough, Who was so painfully thorough, Mary Robinson told no tales About the Prince of Wales. Anna Laetitia Barbauld Packed a quixotic cargo: She put morals in Coleridge's "Rime" And bubbles in her own "Washing-Time." Mary Tighe Was often quite high. She was equally happy as "Psyche" Or dancing around in one Nike. It doesn't take a Yalie To figure out Joanna Baillie. She had her own Theory of the Passions Which she dispensed in ladylike rations. Copyright 1996 Nanora Sweet