Student Planner 2013-2014

Student Retention Services


Address: 225 Millennium Student Center
Phone: (314)516-5300
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College students may face many challenges unique to their college academic experiences and will certainly have questions or concerns. SRS is committed to helping students deal with academic concerns, connect to campus resources and meet educational goals.

Academic Alert System

Students at UMSL are expected to meet the academic standards of the courses in which they are enrolled. Expectations include participating in classes through physical or virtual attendance, completing assignments, portfolios, and presentation in a timely and professional manner consistent with the discipline, and/or successfully completing the evaluation components of a course. If a student is not meeting these expectations, they will be made aware of this through the Academic Alert System.

Faculty members are able to detail concerns regarding Excessive Absences, Missed Assignments, Failed Exams or Quizzes, Missed Portfolios/Presentations, and other issues. In addition to report categories, faculty may provide additional comments regarding their concerns. Academic Alert referrals are made from a Faculty member to SRS. Students are simultaneously notified of a referral via campus e-mail and are encouraged to meet with the faculty member to discuss the concerns further. Within twenty-four hours of a referral, SRS will make contact with the student, and offer a meeting to discuss the concerns and to connect the student to campus resources appropriate to the student's needs. As appropriate, the faculty member initiating the referral will also receive feedback regarding the referral outcome.