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Phone: (314) 516-5545
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The Office of the Registrar performs many services, including scheduling courses, registering students for classes, providing certifications, updating and maintaining student records, processing transcripts, and veteran certification.

Schedule of Classes

The schedule of classes is available online at A printable PDF version is also available at this website.

Important Advising Note

All new degree-seeking students must see an advisor before registering for classes. Your advisor will give you a copy of your degree audit (DARS) report.

To receive an updated copy of your degree audit report, your "roadmap" toward a degree, you are strongly encouraged to continue to meet with an advisor prior to each registration. You can view and print your own DARS report using the degree audit link on your "MyGateway" page. If you need help in generating or interpreting the report, click on the help links located on the right hand side of the top of the Audit menu page as well as the Audit Help listed under the Audits column. DARS can also be obtained in MyView under the student self-service link- DARS. A DARS report can reduce the risk of completing unnecessary coursework.

Registration Methods

You may choose from four different registration options:

You may use MyView to register for courses; check course availability; review your course schedule; view your grades; send your course schedule, fee statement, view and update your biographic information and address; pay tuition and fees with your credit card; and check the status of a refund.

Section Changes

Section changes are allowed during the first week of a regular semester and the first four days of an 8-week session, and the first three days of a 4-week session. After these dates, the instructors' approvals must be obtained for section changes. Forms for doing this may be obtained in the Registration Office or in your College dean's office.

Course Add/Drop

Adding Courses: Students may add a course during the first week of a regular semester, the first four days of an 8-week session, and the first three days of a 4-week session. To avoid missing valuable class time, you should make additions as early as possible.

Dropping Courses: You may drop a course without receiving a grade during the first four weeks of a regular semester and the first two weeks of an 8-week session, and the first three days of a 4-week session. Signatures are not required; however, refunds are reduced based on the date the course is dropped.

After initial Drop Period: After four weeks of a regular semester, two weeks of an 8-week session, and one week of a 4-week session, you will receive either an "EX" grade (which has no effect on GPA) or an "F" (which will be computed in the GPA), depending on your performance in class.

Withdrawing After Initial Drop Period:

  1. pick up a "Drop/Excused Grade Form" from your Deans office;
  2. complete the form and follow the directions provided by the College in which you are enrolled.

During the 5th-12th week of classes, students may withdraw from a course with an "Excused" grade, providing they are passing the course and receive the approval of their instructor and dean's office representative. Otherwise, a failing grade is given. Students not attending classes who fail to drop officially receive an F or FN grades, depending the level of participation in class. After the allowable period, "Excused" grades are given only in exceptional instances where the instructor's approval and dean's approval are given. These grades are recorded on the students' official records. If an F or FN grade is recorded, it is computed in the student’s grade point average. No partial credit is granted to students who withdraw from a course during any semester or otherwise fail to complete the work required for full course credit. Please refer to the Semester Calendar to determine allowable timelines.

End of Semester Grade Reports:

The University offers students a convenient way to obtain their final grades at the end of each semester. Unless a specific request is made through the Registrar's Office, the University of Missouri System does not distribute grade reports to the students via postal mail. Final course grades are available in your MyView, Self-Services, Student Center.

A printed copy of your grade report can be sent to you upon request at no charge. Your grade report will be mailed to your official address of record. Requests may be made online, by phone, mail, e-mail, fax, or in person. 


The Office of the Registrar will furnish the student a transcript of credits and mail official transcripts to organizations or other colleges/universities. Transcripts are furnished to students' parents/guardians or other institutions only if the student has filed written consent with the Office of the Registrar. There is a minimum $5 fee for each transcript.

Refund Appeal Policy

A student who believes a greater refund should be authorized due to extenuating circumstances than provided for in the established fee schedule may submit an appeal to the Registrar. The Online Refund Appeal Form is available on the Registrar's website at All appeal forms must be submitted within 90 days of the close of a Spring or Fall semester and within 30 days of the close of the Summer Sessions.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 set guidelines and procedure for implementing the University's policy on student records. You have the right to review certain educational records that contain information directly related to you, including student financial aid, your cumulative advisement file, health records, disciplinary records, your admission file, and your academic record. You may, upon request, review these records and, if inaccurate information is included, request the expunging of such information from your files. Inaccurate information will then be expunged upon authorization of the official responsible for the file.