Student Planner 2013-2014

Instructional Computing Labs


Address: 103 Social Sciences and Business Building (SSB)
Phone: (314) 516-6061
E-Mail Address:
Web Address:

There are open access computer labs available to students. Most of the labs are staffed with student consultants who can help orient you to the hardware and software that is available. Several labs also have class hired tutors to help with course specific homework.

Windows 7 and Macintosh OS X/Unix are the two supported operating systems on campus. Some of the labs have both available, while others are platform specific.

A SSO (Single Sign On) ID and Password are required to log into all the computer systems, into MyGateway and to access your student mail. An UMSL ID may be requested at any time in the computing labs.

Windows users can save their work a variety of ways; on their personal Network File Storage, USB Flash drives, and many of the labs have CD-RW drives.

Macintosh users can save work on their personal "virtual" drive (Network File Storage), USB Flash drives, DVD/CD-RW drives.

Software: A variety of software is provided for use in Windows 7 and Macintosh OSX/Unix. A complete list is available on our website:

Consultants staffing the labs will be able to provide support on common applications, such as Microsoft Office, FTP clients, MyGateway, Wimba Classroom, and internet browsers, such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. Course instructors or tutors can provide assistance on course specific applications such as SPSS, Visual Studio, Maple and SAS.



103 SSB Main Computer Lab (Windows 7, Mac OSX/UNIX)
232 Benton Hall (Windows 7)
Thomas Jefferson Library (Windows 7, Mac OSX/Unix)
E. Desmond Lee Technology & Learning Centers, 100 Marillac (Windows 7, MAC OSX/Unix)
Ward E. Barnes Library Research Commons (Windows 7)
50 University Center-Math Technology Learning Center (Windows 7)


222 SSB (Windows 7) 452 SSB: Quantitative Analysis & Economic Resource Center (Windows 7)
308 Honors College (Windows 7)
105 Music Building (Mac OSX/Unix)
First floor of MSC: The Chat Room (Windows 7)
555 Clark Hall: Foreign Languages Lab (Windows 7)
220 Fine Arts (Mac OSX/Unix)
316 CCB Math/CS Lab (Windows 7)

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Instructional Computing provides laster printers in most of the open computer labs. PaperCut NG is used to help manage the printing in the lab and classroom environments. PaperCut will assist Instructional Computing in understanding the academic printing needs of students.

PaperCut provides feedback to students on how many pages are in each print job, as well as a history of the print jobs they have sent. There are also features that will allow users to see what their print jobs environmental impact is on trees, carbon, and energy.

Overall the features of PeperCut should help improve our impact on the environment by reducing the amount of paper and toner used in the labs and classrooms. Those wanting to reduce the amount of paper they consume have a few options; select duplex printing when available, print only documents that will be used, view materials electronically, reduce the size of the margins, and ask your instructor if you can submit your course work electronically.

It is important to remember the following Instructional Computing printing policies.