Student Planner 2013-2014

Disability Access Services


Address: 144 Millennium Student Center
Phone: (314)516-6554
TT/TDD#: (314)516-5212
Web Address:

Accidents do happen when we least expect them. If you have a permanent disabling condition or find yourself with a temporary disabling situation due to an accident or illness, you may require special classroom accommodations or services.

Disability Access Services provides information, guidance, special accommodations, and services to students with disabilities. Assistance in providing for the accessibility needs of students with both permanent and temporary disabilities is available through this office. The office is equipped with a text telephone (TT) for the hearing impaired. Additional special adaptive computer equipment items and software for students with disabilities are available in this office.

Other auxiliary aids and services may be provided to qualified students with disabilities. For additional information on auxiliary aids for students with disabilities, please refer to the policies and procedures section of this guide.