Student Planner 2013-2014

Academic Support Services


Campus Testing Center 412 SSB

The Campus Testing Center provides testing by appointment for students to take make-up class exams or to test under conditions where special accommodations are needed and authorized. Visit our website for further The Campus Testing Center services students and faculty with special testing arrangements. For services and hours of operation go to

English-As-A-Second-Language (ESL)
This program is designed primarily to support full-time international students, and provides coursework and assessment. Students are recommended or referred for courses that improve skills needed for academic success. Courses are listed under the Foreign Languages & Literatures Department in your UMSL Bulletin and in course schedule under ESL.

Foreign Languages Tutorial, 555 Clark Hall
If you are enrolled in a foreign language class and would like some help, you can receive individualized assistance for some languages in the Foreign Language Resource Center on a walk-in basis. The Resource Center incorporates a combination of audio, video, and computer-based instruction, as well as tutorial assistance. Hours are posted outside the Resource Center.

Math Lab, 222 SSB 
If you need help with any mathematics from basic math through calculus or any course involving mathematical skills, this lab offers free individual assistance on a walk-in basis. In addition, this lab offers on-site use of computer packages covering certain topics, and mathematics textbooks and worksheets on several basic topics. Students or prospective students who are preparing to take the Mathematics Placement Test or the C-Base may also come to the lab for help. Hours are found

Math Placement Exam & C-Base Study Materials
Review material for the math placement exam is available online Study materials for the C-Base Test are also on reserve at each library. Ask for the following at the Circulation Desk: Ward E. Barnes Library - 5572; Thomas Jefferson Library - 5057.

Math Courses/Workshops
For an extensive review of pre-college level mathematics, courses are offered in beginning algebra (zero credit) and intermediate algebra (3 credit hours, not toward a degree). Each course is equivalent to a four credit hour class offered as a semester- long lecture class. Workshop schedules are listed under the Mathematics section in the Schedule of Classes.

Orientation/Study Skills Course
This non-credit, 8-week course is intended to empower you with knowledge of the University structure, sources of information, services, and support. You will also have an opportunity to gain transferable study skills and habits that make for an efficient and successful academic career.

Writing Lab, 222 SSB
This lab offers tutorial assistance to students working on papers for their classes. No appointment is necessary, and tutors are prepared to help both undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines. Some of the issues covered in the lab include organization, sentence clarity, development, grammar, and citing. The Writing Lab has Windows-based computers for student use. All Writing Lab services are free. Hours and other writing tips can be found at