Student Planner 2013-2014

Auxiliary Aids, Reasonable Accommodations, and Other Services for Students with Disabilities


The University of Missouri is committed to equal educational opportunities for qualified students without regard to disabling condition. The University, therefore, will take necessary action to ensure that no qualified student with a disability is denied access to any particular course or educational program. Such action includes an assessment of the student's abilities and an evaluation of the requirements of the particular course or program.

If the University determines that some type of auxiliary aid is required, it will assist the qualified student with a disability in obtaining the necessary auxiliary aid from other sources. If it is not available from other sources, the University, at its option, will provide you with the necessary auxiliary aid.

Requests for the assessments must be made to the Coordinator of Disability Access Services no later than six weeks prior to the beginning of the next semester. Unfavorable determinations may be appealed through the University of Missouri Discrimination Grievance Procedures for Students, a copy of which will be provided to you if your request for auxiliary aid is denied.

The University will make reasonable modifications to its academic requirements, if necessary to comply with legal requirements ensuring that such academic requirements do not discriminate or have the effect of discriminating on the basis of a student's known and adequately documented disability, unless the requested modification would require alteration of essential elements of the program or essential elements of directly related licensing requirements or would result in undue financial or administrative burdens.

The school or college dean's office, in cooperation with the Coordinator of Accessibility Services and the department through which the requirement is fulfilled, will determine the appropriate modification or substitution.

Please consult the complete Executive Order No. 21, 240.040 Policy Related to Students with Disabilities for further information. (A copy of the revised Executive Order No. 21 can be viewed or obtained at the Thomas Jefferson Library in the UM Collected Rules and Regulations, the University of Missouri web site, or from the Coordinator of Disability Access Services in 144 Millennium Student Center.)