Student Planner 2013-2014

History of UMSL


The University of Missouri-St. Louis is one of four campuses that constitute the University of Missouri, the ninth largest university in the United States. Founded in 1839 upon the ideals of Thomas Jefferson, the University of Missouri became a land-grant institution following passage of the Morrill Act by Congress in 1862.

The University remained a single-campus institution until 1870 when the Rolla campus was opened. Two campuses were added in 1963. The private University of Kansas City became UM's Kansas City campus, and an entirely new campus was started in St. Louis.

In the 1960s, a movement began across the country toward the creation of public universities located within metropolitan centers. That movement marked the most significant change in higher education in the twentieth century, and the University of Missouri-St. Louis is a product of that educational development.

UM is governed by a nine-member Board of Curators appointed by the governor and confirmed by the state Senate. The curators name the President of the University. Each campus is supervised by a Chancellor.

UMSL, the fourth campus of the University of Missouri, was established in 1963. The notion of a major public institution serving the St. Louis area evolved from a dream to a solid reality, and today exceeds the expectations of those who created it.

Since the doors of the old Administration Building opened more than 40 years ago, UMSL has become the largest university serving St. Louisans and the third largest university in the state. The University faculty has grown from 30 in 1963 to more than 900 members, committed to the future of the St. Louis area through teaching, research, and service.

At UMSL, you'll enjoy all the educational advantages of a major research university to build a strong foundation for your future. Our focus is our students. Professors and advisors treat you as an individual with unique needs and interests. They're eager to help you if you have questions or want to brainstorm ideas. The average class size is 15 students, providing a lively environment for interaction and discussion. At UM-St. Louis, your voice is heard!