Lab Principal Investigator:

Dr. Ann Steffen
Professor of Psychological Sciences and Gerontology
Curriculum Vitae
Current doctoral students:

Nicholas Schmidt, M.S.
B.S. University of Missouri; M.S. University of Missouri - St. Louis

Thesis: A single-item caregiver report of medication impairment in older adults: Construct and predictive validity

Kat Arenella M.A.
B.A. Scripps College

Thesis: Predicting anxiety in family caregivers: The role of self-reassurance and self-efficacy for controlling upsetting thoughts.

Jillian Pine, M.A.
B.A. Penn State University; M.A. Columbia University

Dissertation: Family Care Partners of Older Adult Home Health Patients: Effects of Uncertainty in Illness

Allison Warren, Ph.D.
B.A. Vassar College; M.A. Appalachian State University

Dissertation: A Video Intervention for Professionals Working with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Older Adults

Megan MacDougall, Ph.D.
B.A. University of Dayton; M.A. New York University

Dissertation: Using Signature Strengths with Informal Caregivers: A Positive Psychology Intervention to Increase Positive Aspects of Caregiving


Doctoral alumni with dissertation titles:

Nika R. George, Ph.D.

Medication Non-Adherence in Community Dwelling Older Adults with Dementia: An Educational Intervention for Family Caregivers

Lauren Decaporale, Ph.D.

Understanding forgiveness through the application and extension of the Enright Forgiveness Scale

Lauren Mensie, Ph.D.
The Stress Process Model and in-home respite for caregivers of cognitively and physically impaired older adults.

Lauren Williams, Ph.D.
Psychosocial protection following exposure to sexual assault: Predictive value and malleability of multiple psychosocial protective factors.

Kristopher Clounch, Ph.D.
Sex offender assessment: Clinical utility and predictive validity.

W. Michael Palmer, Ph.D.
Structural Models of Comorbid Anxiety and Depression in a Primary-Care Older Adult Sample.

Christina Gilliam, Ph.D.
The effects of rumination on problem-solving self-efficacy and self-efficacy for controlling upsetting thoughts in the context of depressive symptoms.

Jessica Lauren, Ph.D.
Is rumination general or specific to negative mood states? The relationship between rumination and distraction and depressed, anxious, and angry moods in women.

Kristin R. Korbini Mangum, Ph.D.
Depressive symptoms and excessive reassurance seeking in dating couples: An observational study.

Ilana Krakauer, Ph.D.
Physical appearance as a manifestation of lesbian identity.

Christy Steimer Jackson, Ph.D.
Support groups for dementia caregivers: Predicting facilitator behavior within an ecological model.

Susanne Wickie, Ph.D.
Cognitive flexibility and empathy in individuals with multiple sclerosis.

Matthew Jorgensen, Ph.D.
Gender schematic processing in memory for sex role stereotyped information and mental rotation.

E. Ryann Watson, Ph.D.
Memory effects of temporal lobectomy: Patterns of change and stability during the year post-surgery.

Lynn Hyland, Ph.D.
The relationship between religious orientation and coping strategies: Differentiating between intrinsic, extrinsic and quest orientations.

Steven Berger, Ph.D.
AIDS caregivers: Psychological risk factors in informal caregivers.

Past Collaborators:
Judith R. Gant, Ph.D. (retired).Assistant Research Professor.

Past lab assistants:
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Kris Abbott, BA
Diane Achilles, BA
Jennifer Ansel, BA
Laurie Asbeck, BS
Janée Artis
Alen Avdic, BA

Stacy Beckenholdt, MA
Martha Belew, BA
Brenda Bennett
Elizabeth Bewig, BA
Carol Bildner, BA
Rita Bohn, BA
Christine Borisenko, BA
Beth Brown, MS
Matthew Carney
Erin Carr, BA
Angel Carter, BA
Ritika Chand, BA
Debbie Chen
Donna Clark
Shawn Criscione, BA
Jean Cunningham, BA
Dionne Curtis
Matt Daniels, BA

Leah Darrow, BA
Carol Davis

William Dement, BA
Susan Ellis, BA
Shaun English, M.S.
Stacey Fitzhugh, BA
Shanna Fowler, BA
Marie Gaffigan, BA
Hanizan Abdul Ghani
Jen Goldstein, BA
Joshua Gootzeit
Anouk Grubaugh, Ph.D.

David Hancock, BA
Jodi Heaps, MA
Barbara Heidenrich
Kaitlin Henning
Latisha Hickman
Ed Hobein, BGS
Ivy Hoech, BA
Leonora Kham, BA
Leisa Lee
Susan Lundry, M.Ed.
Jennifer Lydon-lam, Ph.D.
Rachael Mamalis, MS

Kaleigh Miller, BA
Trent Moeller, BA
Cheryl Molitor, BA
Van Moore
Julia Murphy, BA
Michelle Musielak, BA
Peggy Ottersbach, BA
Terri Poth
Kiersten Ray-Kuhn, BA
Allessandra Reddy
Martina (Sanchez) Rains, MA
Ana Santos, BA
Brittany Schaeffer, BA
Amy Silberbogen, Ph.D.

Adnan Smajic, BA
Nancy Straley, BA
LuAnn Suscheck, BA
Brandon Swanner, MA, MS
Laura Sylvester, BA
Carol Thorton
Gerald VanDillen, BA
Tanner Whitney, M.S.
Lisa Woodson, BA
LeTiseshe Wright, BGS