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About Surveys

Your caregiving stress shouldn't go unnoticed. Healthcare professionals are seeking better ways to simplify your care efforts. You can help today by participating in one of our latest studies below. You'll receive a gift card reward for most of our studies. Each survey can be taken once and based on eligibility.

Basic Study Requirements

The people needed for individual projects can vary. Further information is provided below for specific studies, but all require a computer or tablet with internet access.

Gift Card Rewards

Gift Cards are provided for your valuable time and effort. Your gift card choice of either Macy's or will be mailed to you within two weeks of completing the survey or study requirements. The gift card amount is pre-defined in each study description listed below.

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Survey: 1Test Online Resources for Caregivers

Purpose of Study

To help test newly developed online resources for caregivers.

Who's Eligible

Women 18-69 years of age who assist an older adult with their medications and healthcare. Additional criteria are asked in an initial qualification survey.

Survey Requirements

1) Complete a 10 minute qualification survey. If qualified, you may proceed to Step 2.
2) Complete a longer survey about your experience as a caregiver.
3) View online resources over the course of 4 weeks.
4) Complete 2 final surveys about your caregiving experience.


$25 – $100 gift card to® or Macy's®.

Questions? Email us at: Or call toll free 1 (844) 516-4395

Additional Information

Interested in participating in research related to dementia?

We encourage you to register for TrialMatch at the National Alzheimers Association.  There are opportunities for diagnosed individuals, their families, and individuals without dementia.  All are needed to help find a cure and the best means of support for families!

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