Learn Your Strengths

Purpose of Study

In this project, we are testing ways to help caregivers be happier.

Who's Eligible

Adult women who help an older family member, spouse, or friend with everyday activities or healthcare tasks and who are in contact with the older adult by phone, email, or in person on a weekly basis.


  1. Complete a short 15 minute screener survey about your caregiving experience. If eligible, you will complete a longer survey (20 min) asking about your happiness and well-being.
  2. Complete an online survey to learn about your personal strengths.
  3. Two weeks of guided practice for using your strengths.
  4. Complete 2 final surveys about your caregiving experience and well-being (one four weeks after starting the project and another one month later).

Added Bonus

Opportunity to receive a $10 gift card and chance to win a $100 gift card

Questions? Email us at: Or call toll free 1 (844) 516-4395
Continuing Education for Area Agencies on Aging Personnel

Purpose of Study

To provide a continuing education opportunity for AAA personnel on how to provide more affirmative services to older transgender and gender nonconforming older adults.

Who's Eligible

Any AAA employee or volunteer.


Complete a 10-20 online educational survey.


Enter a raffle for a free iPad.

Questions? Email us at: Or call toll free 1 (844) 516-4395

Additional Information

Interested in participating in research related to dementia?

We encourage you to register for TrialMatch at the National Alzheimers Association.  There are opportunities for diagnosed individuals, their families, and individuals without dementia.  All are needed to help find a cure and the best means of support for families!

Our Community Partners

We are grateful to the following for their support of our research program:
Greentree Pharmacy, Kirkwood, MO
Southwest Diner, Maplewood, MO

Survey Sponsorship

UM-St. Louis Institutional Review Board Protocol #506921; #815905; # 810395