Free Chemistry Tutoring Service
Fall 2021

Chemistry Tutoring Service is now being conducted remotely to provide students with the help they need.  In order to access this service, please click here.  Please enroll in this course (self-enrolling) using your Canvas login and ID.  Once you are enrolled in this course, you will be able to access TAs as given in the schedule given below.

TAs are asked to open up a discussion session during thier allocated time.  Please go to the "Discussions" tab and chat with the TA regarding your difficulty. 

Since we are all learning how best to help you succeed during this period, please give me some feedback on what might make this tutoring serivice work for you.  If you run into any problems with this setup, please contact me at your earliest convinience either by e-mail ( or by text (314) 973-4172.

Thank you for your patience and help in making this service successful during COVID-19 crisis.  

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10am - 11am Huy Nguyen1 Shelby Jarrett2,3,4,5 John Mayginnes3
11am - 12pm Helena Spikes1,3,5 Gabriel Riggio1,2,3 Dhanbir Lingden4,5
12pm - 1pm Ganesh Shrestha1,2,4 Brandon Vestal1,3,5
1pm - 2pm Cristina Sinobas Neira Ušto
2pm - 3pm Ryan Domalewski1,3 Hunter Campbell1

All tutors are able to help with Introductory Chemistry (1111 and 1121), Organic Chemistry (2612 and 2622) and Chemistry for the Health Professions (1052/1062). Help with upper level courses are indicated as below.

1available to tutor Organic Chemistry
2available to tutor Inorganic Chemistry
3available to tutor Biochemistry
4available to tutor Physical Chemistry
5available to tutor Quantitative Analysis

For feedback, suggestions and complaints regarding Chemistry and Biochemistry tutoring services please contact: Professor Vally D'Souza