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This is an exciting time for gerontology education at UMSL! Our distinguished, multidisciplinary faculty serve a diverse, committed student body. We care about older adults and their important perspectives and needs! Plus, with our programmatic home in the School of Social Work, a wonderful space for learning in Bellerive Hall, and broad-based support from the University Community at large, the Gerontology Program couldn't be better positioned for the opportunities of educating the gerontology work force of the 21st Century!

Founded in 1981, the Gerontology Graduate Program is one of the most mature and well-established graduate programs of its kind in the U.S. today. UMSL Gerontology graduates are involved in all aspects of aging-related professional practice in St. Louis and beyond, shaping positive attitudes and building meaningful structures for care and support of older adults. Today, the experience of advancing age is at least as diverse as any other phase of life, and arguably more so. The UMSL Gerontology Program embraces this diversity and makes sense of it for our students, while also grounding them in core values and competencies that define them as "UMSL Gerontologists."

Openness and collaboration are keys to our Program's success. While small relative to other degree programs at UMSL, the Gerontology Program holds a unique position in education and outreach that defies disciplinary boundaries. We all need to know about health, function and success in aging - if not professionally, then certainly for ourselves and family members. My vision for UMSL Gerontology is simple, that we are the preeminent source for academic and professional training in gerontology for our City and Region!

Are you interested in possibly studying Gerontology at the Masters or Graduate Certificate level with us? If so, my door is open to you! Feel free to give me a call (314-516-5421) or drop me an email (

Thomas M. Meuser, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Associate Professor of Social Work & Gerontology
Director, Gerontology Program
Coordinator, UMSL Life Review Project
University of Missouri - St. Louis

133 Bellerive Hall
1 University Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63121

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