The Bachelor of Social Work Program (BSW)

Welcome to the webpage of the Bachelor of Social Work Program in the School of Social Work at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Building on a liberal arts background, the social work curriculum helps students develop knowledge and skills to understand complex social issues and the ability to assess and intervene, directly and indirectly, at the individual, family, group, organizational, commuity, and/or policy levels. In each phase of the program, students are taught to think critically, communicate effectively, and analyze and evaluate their social work practice.

The School aims to provide a quality, cost-effective, and accessible professional social work education to traditional and non-traditional students in the St. Louis metropolitan area. The undergraduate degree program prepares entry level professional social workers to meet diverse human service needs, contribute to understanding diversity and social welfare issues; promote human, organizational, and community development, and advance social justice and positive social change. Students gain understanding and expertise about social work in both the non-profit and public sectors and prepare for lifelong learning.

Graduates of the BSW program find positions in organizations that enhance the well-being of clients, assist in organization and community development, and influence policy.

Highlights of the BSW program:

120 credit hour degree program 


For further information, please contact Ms. Shanta Kyles, BSW Advisor at (314) 516.6385 or