Student Social Work Association
121 Bellerive Hall
One University Blvd.
University of Missouri - St. Louis
St. Louis, MO 63121-4499

Faculty Sponsor -- Linda Wells-Glover ( or 516-6371

Mission Statement
The goal of the Student Social Work Association is:

  • To promote Social Work standards.
  • To facilitate an interaction between the students, faculty and University administrations.
  • To present a positive image for Social Work in the Community.

Membership in the Student Social Work Association (SSWA) is open to all Social Work majors, as well as other University of Missouri-St. Louis students. Members should have an interest in promoting university activities and SSWA activities that will enhance student education, personal growth and community involvement.

Officers serve one year beginning in June


  • Responsible for meetings and agenda
  • Appoints committees
  • Maintains records
  • Represents association at UM-functions

Vice President 

  • Acts in absence of President
  • Coordinates communication
  • Responsible for Student Activities Mailbox


  • Maintains records and reports financial status of SSWA
  • Submits billing to Student Activities Office


  • Maintains and distributes minutes of meetings
  • Maintains e-mail

SGA Representative 

  • Attends SGA meetings
  • Acts as Liaison
  • Organize and implement events
  • Submit reports at regular SSWA meetings


  • Posting events on e-mail and/or MyGateway
  • Maintain SSWA bulletin board
  • Design, publish and distribute flyers to inform campus community of events

Community Outreach 

  • Communicate with other college Social Work associations
  • Plan a service event that will benefit the larger community
  • Create awareness among students of issues that will affect them as social work professionals

Faculty/Student Relations

  • Communicate with faculty members concerning events sponsored by SSWA
  • Encourage faculty involvement and social relations with students.

SSWA Meetings

Meetings of the SSWA will take place in the Chapel Classroom in Bellerive Hall on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 12:15 pm.