TECH Notes:

Word Forms require a PC and Internet Explorer (sorry mac users)

PDF Forms require Adobe Acrobat unless Adobe Reader is indicated

Forms completed/submitted using a mobile device, Preview (mac) may arrive blank


Practicum Applications

Application for Practicum

Application for Place of Employment for Practicum


Practicum Site Placement Form - REQUIRED

The student completes and submits the practicum site placement form as soon as the site and field instructor are decided.

Foundation Practicum

 Learning Agreement Samples

Foundation Sample 1

Foundation Sample 2


Learning Agreement Form

Foundation Practicum Learning Agreement


Concentration Practicum

Learning Agreement Samples - Family Practice

FP Instructor Sample

FP Sample 1

FP Sample 2

FP Sample 3

Family Practice Learning Agreement Form

Family Practice Learning Agreement


Learning Agreement Samples - Gerontology

Gerontology Sample 1

Gerontology Sample 2

Gerontology Learning Agreement Form

Gerontology Concentration Learning Agreement


Learning Agreement Sample - Social Work Leadership and Management (SWLM)

SWLM Sample

SWLM Learning Agreement Form

SWLM Learning Agreement

Ideas for Activities and Deliverables for SWLM Students


Agency Supervisor Evaluation Forms

Agency Supervisor Instruction Sheet

5800 Evaluation

Family Practice Evaluation

Gerontology Evaluation

SWLM Evaluation


Agency Supervisor - Mid-Term Evaluation

Midterm Evaluation Word Format

Student Evaluation of Site Form for Adobe Reader

Student Evaluation of Site Form in Word fill format