In January 2000, with funding from The University of Missouri, the three social work programs in the St. Louis Metropolitan area began developing an innovative field education collaborative project now referred to as “The Collaborative Social Work Field Education Project” or simply, the St. Louis Field Collaborative.  The School of Social Work at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Saint Louis University School of Social Work, and The George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis identified a common goal to support field instructors and students in the field experience. Fontbonne University joined the Collaborative Project in 2013. The Collaborative has evolved to include joint field instructor orientation, continuing education events, school social work career fair, an advisory board, a collaborative web site and database, a shared field instructor manual and selected common forms. Since many social workers in our area serve as field instructors for students from more than one of the social work programs this collaboration has obvious benefits to field instructors and students. 

Please refer to the UMSL Collaborative Manual or the Collaborative web page for more information.

Field Instruction Certification Program

For New Field Instructors

 In an effort to support quality field education experiences for students and field instructors, the St. Louis Field Collaborative requires the completion of the “Field Instruction Certification” program for new field instructors.  Completion of the program qualifies a new field instructor to become a Certified Field Instructor and become eligible to provide field instruction for social work practicum students from the four St. Louis area programs.  The Certification Program consists of a half-day “Introduction to Field Instruction” session and five subsequent educational sessions.  The program focuses on such topics as values and ethics and cultural competence as they relate to field instruction.  The Certification Program must be completed over a maximum of a two year process.

 New field instructors must apply to be affiliated with social work programs, be approved, and complete the Certification Program.  This process can occur prior to or simultaneous with the first experience of providing field instruction for a student.  Some programs offer additional continuing education opportunities independent of the collaborative.  Please contact the individual social work programs or check web sites for more information.  To remain certified, field instructors must apply to be renewed every three years and  demonstrate evidence of continuing education.

 Agency Agreements

Agencies/organizations and field instructors complete the affiliation process online through the St. Louis Field Collaborative webpage.* All organizations and field instructors must complete the affiliation applications to be considered for approval. 

Practicum Affiliation Agreement Form
Newly affiliated agencies are required to complete and return the Affiliation Agreement form to prior to accepting a practicum student.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for instructions before attempting to complete the application forms.

Organizational Application for Field Education Site form – Each site must complete the Organizational Profile, located at  Applicants will have the opportunity to select those programs and levels with which they wish to affiliate. Organizations must be approved by the program(s) with which they wish to affiliate. Instructions for completing the forms

Field Education Instructor Application form – Each MSW Field Instructor must complete the Field Instructor Application located at  Field Instructors must be approved by the program(s) with which they wish to affiliate and be invited to attend the new field instructor orientation and advanced education seminars prior to or during their first year of field instruction.

Completed forms must be submitted to the appropriate University before a student may start a practicum.

Field Instructor and Organization Application Instructions

Before you get started, it is a good idea to allow enough time to complete the account set up and the application at the same time—usually about 20 minutes. The password you choose will need to have a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, so it is a good idea to write it down exactly as you enter it, paying special attention to cap and number locks.  Once begun, the account/application must be submitted within 24 hours or the system will lock up. Then we would need to purge your account before you could begin again.   

 Once you click the application link:

Step 1. Select ‘create an account’ then fill out and submit the short form. Step 2. Go to your email inbox (look in junk/span too), open the system-generated e-mail, and click the link provided to validate your new account.  The validation link takes you back to the application page. Step 3. Log in using the email ID and password you’ve just created and select either the field instructor and/or agency application.

 If you have any questions or have difficulty with the application process, please contact Cindy Gemignani at 314-516-7665.