Campus Maps

Maps for your campus will be included in the June 11 registration package. Ask your mentor (or their representative) at the June 11 luncheon for detailed directions to their location. You may purchase parking permits prior to June 11; you must follow all restrictions for your campus' parking area.

MetroLink Trains/Buses

Each student may want to consider purchasing a MetroLink pass on their own prior to the program for transportation to and from your mentor's location. This pass will allow you to ride the MetroLink train and public buses whenever needed. Please visit this website for instructions on how and where you may purchase tickets: Washington University - Medical Center Campus parking office also sells MetroLink tickets.

University of Missouri-St. Louis

OTHER CAMPUS' PARKING (You must purchase your own permit)

Danforth Plant Science Center

Saint Louis University - Frost Campus

Saint Louis University - Health Science Center Campus

Washington University - Danforth Campus

Washington University - School of Medicine Campus