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Database Setup

The following procedure will be used to create permissions for your account in the event that you wish to create and store a database for your project this semester. If you do not create a database, it will not "hurt" anything. Create it and name it as shown below. E-mail it to me (as a text attachment) at your earliest convenience.

Create a file in a text editor that looks like the one below. The terms in red should be used exactly as they appear below. You should use the appropriate value for the other terms (they are shown in blue).

/accounts/studentx/admiral account/database_sql/

Note, the second line refers to your Oracle password. The default is sYYMMDD, where the digits refer to your date of birth. If you have changed your Oracle password, please use the current password in this location.

Save the file as an ascii (text) file named user_data.admiral_account .... Be sure there is NO other extension and that you have not saved the file as a wordprocessing (such as Word) file. Email it to me as a text attachment asap.

*To find the value of "x" look at the upper right hand box on your FTP screen as shown with the red box and arrow below.

Log on to your Admiral account. Create a subdirectory called "database_sql" at the root of that account. This should NOT be in the public_html directory, but rather at the root directory as shown in red the figure below.

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