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Random Quote Generator

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var quote = new Array(7);
quote[0] = "Education is not preparation for life; education <i>is</i> life itself.<br> -John Dewey";
quote[1] = "We have all much to learn: Let us teach one another as <i>kindly</i> as we can.<br> -Reade";
quote[2] = "Few of us know what we are capable of doing . . .; <i>We have never pushed ourselves</i> hard enough to find out.<br> -Alfred A. Montapert";
quote[3] = "Success seems to be largely a matter of <i>hanging on</i> after others have let go.<br> -William Feather";
quote[4] = "If you want learning, you must <i>work</i>for it.<br> -Josiah Gilbert Holland";
quote[5] = "Achievements are the accomplishment of <i>persistent</i> individuals.<br> -James Jones";
quote[6] = "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.<br> -Anonymous";

var index = Math.floor(Math.random()*quote.length);
document.write ("<center><table width=90% border=1 bgcolor=#FFFFFF cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0><tr><td><h4><font face='arial' color=#000000>" + quote[index] +"</td></td></table></center>");

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