At Michael's elementary school they set a theme each year for Halloween. In 1997, the theme was "literature." In Michael's class, they further defined the theme in terms of the literature they were studying, Mark Twain.

Hence, Michael's Halloween costume needed to be something from one of Mark Twain's books. Those of you who have read Twain will recognize this as the fence that Tom Sawyer needed to whitewash and which he tried to convince others it would be fun to whitewash. Please note that Michael's body is the "fence post" and hence the bucket of whitewash is sitting on top of the fence post.

This is how he appeared:

Mike as Tom Sawyer's Fence

You can also view Michael as a Scottish Warrior (Halloween 1996), as Lord Nelson (Halloween 1995), or with his father at the 1997 Citrus Bowl.

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