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The Paradox of Process Improvement

The Extreme Premise

Boehm said…

When costs increase exponentially

When costs increase exponentially

But a few things have changed in three decades.

So, perhaps the cost of change can be flat

When costs don’t dramatically increase with time.

The value of waiting.

Dealing with low cost changes.

What is XP?

What is XP?

What is XP?

XP Motives

Developer Bill of Rights

The Customer Bill of Rights.

Why is it Extreme?

Turning the Knobs to 10 (Continued).

What makes XP different?

What makes XP different? (Continued)

What makes XP familiar?

Three Processes

XP Time Scales


XP Communication

XP Simplicity

XP Feedback

XP Courage

Basic Principles

Rapid Feedback

Assume Simplicity

Incremental Change

Embracing Change

Quality work

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