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Industrious Mouse

Once there was an industrious mouse. He loved to build things and build them big. One day the mouse had a grand idea to build the tallest structure a mouse has ever built. Unlike other mice he was tired a scurrying on the ground, and cowering in nooks and crannies. He wanted to build a glorious structure for all the other mice to climb and look out far and wide.

As the industrious mouse began building his greatest invention, the other mice looked on with skepticism. Everyday as the structure got taller and taller the mice would say “What are doing? Why are you building such a tall structure?” The industrious mouse would reply, “You'll see. You'll love my grand building once it is done.”

For many seasons the industrious mouse labored on the building. It was a labor of love. Then one beautiful spring day the industrious mouse completed his amazing building. The building soared into the sky and from the very top the mouse could standup and look out and view the world all around him.

All the mice gathered around the bottom of the grand structure made of the finest straw, wood and rocks. They glared up at the industrious mouse at the pinnacle of his creation. The industrious mouse stood on his hind legs and began to speak. At that very moment a hawk swooped down and ate him.

After that moment the other mice walked away to their nooks and crannies and the grand building slowly fell into disarray.

Moral: Before designing a system first understand the benefits of the old system and the potential hazards of the new system.

Get user commitment to the new system before building it.

These stories are adapted examples written in my class, IS 6840 (formerly MSIS 488).
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