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Your Wish is My Command

There once was a couple with a small daughter.  She was tired of being an only child and begged her parents for a sister daily.  The mother was appease the child by saying “one day honey.”  The daughter was never satisfied and continued asking her mother and father for a sibling.  A few years later the girl got her wish, a beautiful baby sister.  The baby cried, as most babies do, and her older sister screamed “Send her back, she cries too much.”   The parents laughed and reminded the child that she begged for a sister for a very long time and now her sister was here.  The little girl covered her ears and said “What was I thinking?”

Moral: Often the client asks for things they believe that they can't live without. That is, until it is presented to them. Make sure as the analyst you explain the request back to the user as much as possible so that they are aware, for example, if asking for a complex system, there may be more steps involved in using the system than with a simpler design.

These stories are adapted examples written in my class, IS 6840 (formerly MSIS 488).
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