Information Systems

College of Business Administration
University of Missouri - St. Louis

What do you start with?

  • A customer that has some business needs that they need to have satisfied.

  • Understand the scope and requirements of their business need.

  • Understand the type of estimate they are looking for.

  • Experience (yours and others)

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    There are very few (if any!) pure technology projects.
    Scope and requirements - Department vs. Company wide. Operational, Tactical, or Strategic. Regulatory? Real Time, Batch, Windows or Mainframe. Impact to business or people if problems?
    Budgetary or Rough Order of Magnitude? Fixed Price? Time and Material? Even a ‘rolling wave’ approach requires an up-front estimate.
    Is this for an enhancment or new development?
    Do we have people that know the business or the applications?
    No one has or can do it all.

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