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Remember to check the Analysis Links Page for more information on specific topics, and Canvas for assignments.

A sample project paper and the associated presentation are also available for reference.

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. Register for the Leadership Leaders Board"

Emerging Leaders

. Project Management


The EQ Pitch is on! Thursday, November 15th at 5pm at ABH

. The first exam.

. Mr. Miller's presentation

. More about wallets

. Data Flow Diagrams
. Introduction to Data Flow Diagram (DFD)
. The data dictionary templates
. VIDEO: Drawing a Context Diagram
. VIDEO: Tools of Analysis (part 6 of 8) - Process & Data (DFD / Data Flow Diagram)
. Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Example (Context and Level 0 Diagrams)
. Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Example (Level 4 Explosion)
. An example
. VIDEO: Connect your Data to the Diagram
. Introduction to Data Flow Diagrams
. Access the Hub for Visio

Group Examples

. Data Dictionaries
.Data Dictionary
. More samples
. Getting started
How to make a data dictionary

. Sample Formats
    . Templates
    . Example 1
    . Example 2

. Use Cases
  • . Use Cases
  • . Overview
    . Use Case Notation (view as a pdf)
    . An Example
    . VIDEO: Creating Use Case Diagrams in Visio 2007

    . More about communication: How Engineers and Managers Communicate: A Video Parody

    . Questionnaires (and Interviews)
    . Traditional Methods of Defining Requirements
    . Sometimes interviews don't go the way we want them to go. Check out this video.
          . And, a response from D. Scott Williamson, Expert
    . Be careful about jargon!
    . What is a questionnaire
    . 10 Step Guide to Questionnaire Design
    . Questionnaire layout & question wording
    . How to Conduct an Interview
    . Group Interview
    . Expert Interview
    . Conversation Starters
    . Card Sort
    . Observation
    . Introduction to Gaining Information from Stakeholders
    . Research Tips
    . Why Ask?
    . Ratings & scales
    . Content
    . VIDEO: IT Systems Analyst - Plan the Interview
    . VIDEO: IT Systems Analyst - Conduct Interview
    . Fables about Interviewing
         .The King's Companion
         .The Kingdom of Beal
    (9/24/18) . Green Information Systems

    . Information
    . Measures of the value of information
    . alternate syllabus (an example of data, not information)
    . Information Comparison (View pdf version)
    . Building Blocks of IS
    . How not to be ignorant about the world

    . Creativity
    . Creativity
    . The One Thing You Need to Generate Great Ideas
    . Isaac Asimov Asks, “How Do People Get New Ideas?”
  • . Creative Confidence
  • . What's the Point of Creativity?
    . Defining Creativity and Innovation
    . Science of Brainstorming
    . What’s Blocking Corporate Creativity?
    . 7 sins that kill creativity in America
    . Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Customer Research

    . Creativity Examples
    . The Stairs Problem
    . An example of a good systems analysis
    . As you may know, I collect photos of street lights for a hobby. Recently I received email from a man in Sheffield County UK. It read
    I wonder if you are aware of a very special sort of streetlight, the J E Webb Sewer Gas Destructor Lamp. Patented in 1895, it was a typically ingenious product of the Victorian drive to improve sanitation. Lamps are connected both to mains gas supply and to the sewers, the column acting as a sewer chimney and the heat of combustion drawing off potentially dangerous sewer gases and microbes to be destroyed at high temperature. Many hundreds were installed in British towns and cities and also exported across the world. I only know of 46 that survive, all in the UK, and 25 of them in my home city of Sheffield. They were especially suitable here, as the hilly terrain meant that there were many points in the sewer network where gases could be trapped. A few even still burn gas: 18 were converted to natural gas in the early 1980s, but since then they have been neglected so that only 4 are working today (there are also 2 or 3 gas-burners in other towns).

    The good news is that Sheffield City Council has a project to renew all streetlighting, under which the surviving lamps will be refurbished. Less good is that it is proposed to replace the burners with LEDs, meaning the loss of an internationally-unique heritage of lamps which have burnt gas almost continuously for up to 100 years.

    Attached are a couple of pictures which I hope you will find interesting. The Brincliffe Edge Road lamp was the first in Sheffield, installed in 1914. The Rural Lane lamp shows how good they can look when someone looks after them -- a private householder, in this case -- although unfortunately this one is no longer burning gas.

      Sheffield County Streetlamp (9/10/18)

    . We will break into groups and look at some creativity exercises today.

    . A man walked into a bar and asked the barman for a glass of water. They had never met before. The barman pulled a gun from under the counter and pointed it at the man. The man said "Thank you" and walked out. Why should that be so?

    . Two brothers were having a drink in a bar.Suddenly one of the brothers got into a heated argument with the barman. He pulled out a knife and, despite his brother's attempts to stop him, stabbed the barman in the chest. At the trial, he was found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon and grievous bodily harm. At the end of the trial, the judge said, "You have been found guilty of a vicious crime. However, I have no choice but to set you free." Why should that be so?

    . A traveler came to a small town. He had never visited it before, he knew no one there, and knew nothing about the town or its inhabitants. He needed a haircut. There happened to be two barbershops close to each other on the main thoroughfare -- the only barbershops in town. The man studied each of them with care. One shop was very neat and tidy. Everything about it was smart. The barber was sweeping away the last traces of hair from the floor while waiting for his next customer. The other barber's shop was very untidy. Everything looked rather run down and ramshackle. The scruffy looking barber within was lolling on a chair waiting for his next customer. Both shops charged the same amount for a haircut. After careful consideration, the traveler decided to go to the scruffy barber for his haircut. Why?

    . A woman had two sons who were born on the same hour of the same day of the same month of the same year. But they were not twins. How could this be so?

    . Design Thinking
    . Overview of Design Thinking
    . 5 Methods to Inspire You
    . Brainstorming
  • . The Deep Dive
  • . Case Stories
    . How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Design Thinking
    . Lessons from Design School
    . Digital Tools for Design Research
    . Design Thinking Teams
    . IDE-O’s Culture of Helping

    Systems Thinking
    . Systems and Systems Thinking
  • .IBM’s Design-Centered Strategy to Set Free the Squares
  • . Lean Agile Systems Thinking
  • . Systems Literacy Videos
  • . Don Norman: The three ways that good design makes you happy
  • . Enabling a Better Tomorrow: A Systemic Perspective
  • . Why a Business Rules Engine is Essential for Child Welfare Programs View the full report
    . Useful evaluation tools: Business Analysts Guru

    . Business Rules
    . A BUSINESS RULE defines or constrains some aspect of business by and always resolving to either true or false.
         . Business rules are intended to assert business structure or to control or influence the behavior of the business. (Wikipedia)
         . Business rules are intended to prevent disruption in a company or business.
         . Business Rules are used every day to define entities, attributes, relationships and constraints.
         . Usually though they are used for the organization that stores or uses data to be an explanation of a policy, procedure, or principle.
         . Why a Business Rules Engine is Essential for Child Welfare Programs
         . What are business rules?
         . Powering Better Social Services
         . IBM's definition of a Business Rule
         . An example of bad application of Business Rules

    .A Kickstarter campaign has been initated for wallets. Check out what they discovered about wallets.

    What would happen if we put HUMANS back into the foreground ... This concept is called Design Innovation
    .Design Thinking
  • .Systems Thinking
  • . Better Design Through Humanity
  • . Waterfall vs Agile
    . Agile Methodology
    . Agile and Design Thinking
    . Meta Methodologies
    . Benefits of Systems Analysis
    . Making do when you don’t know what to make
    . Brainstorming
    . More about Brainstorming

    You should go, but it doesn't count as a networking event.

    . What Do Know about Bad Systems Design?
    . Standish Group White Paper: Chaos Report
    . The Big Boom
    . CHAOS Resolution by Agile vs. Waterfall
    . CHAOS Report 2016: Outline
    . 2015 Standish Reports     2013 Study Results
    . Resolution of Projects, 1994-2004
    . Cost Overruns
    . Cost Overruns, 1994-2004
    . Software Project Failure Costs Billions.. Better Estimation & Planning Can Help
    . Top Ten Reasons for Success
    . Standish view of Best Practices for SAD
    . Glass, Robert L. The Standish Report: Does It Really Describe a Software Crisis?, Communications of the ACM, 49(8), August, 2006, pp. 15-16.
    . Jørgensen, Magne and Kjetil Moløkken, How Large Are Software Cost Overruns? A Review of the 1994 CHAOS Report, Information and Software Technology, 48(4), April 2006.
    . A humorous view of best practices. (View pdf Version)

    . Systems Analysis
    . What Does A Systems Analyst Really Do?
    . What is Systems Analysis
    . Why Do Systems Analysis
    . Deliverables

    . Webpage Resources (for an assignment)
    .HTML links
    .HTML video
    . w3schools
    . You can learn HTML and CSS through examples that you can edit in the browser.
    . If you are a member of the St. Louis County Library, you can access’s video tutorials for free. These tutorials cover a range of topics including web design. Please do look into this excellent resource as you may find it useful for all your IS courses:
    Dr. Mirchandani recommends HTML Essential Training by James Williamson.

    . Useful Sites
    . Design Thinking Blog
    . Analysis Wisdom
    . International Institute of Business Analysis
    . What is Code?
    . Human-Centered Design
    . Making Systems Thinking Sexy

    . An example consultant's analysis report: Strider and Cline evaluate UM's implementation of PeopleSoft. ( / /18)

    . The previous edition of your textbook had a chapter entitled "Succeeding as a Systems Analyst." It is available here with permission of the publisher. (8/20/18)

    . Good Advice
    . Dear Student: My Name Is Not 'Hey'
    . Professors’ Pet Peeves
    . Ten Things the Professor Loves
    . U can’t talk to ur professor like this

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