Importance of Defining User Requirements


The first sub-phase of this analysis phase is determining user requirements.It is very important that the analyst work with the users to determine how the current system functions and what the users want from the new system.It is also important that future users are involved in the process early on so that their views of the system are taken into consideration. (4) Requirements do not necessarily describe what and how reality is, rather, they model reality as it should be. (7) Once the user requirements have been defined, a confirmation is necessary to ensure that they mirror the needs evolving from both the userís work context and the use of the system. There must be user buy in before moving to the next phase.This is the opportunity for the analyst to get the user to commit to the scope of the project. (7) Because one of the main goals of the requirements process is to get agreement on the views of the involved users, use cases are a good way to elicit requirements from the userís point of view.(12) Use cases reduce the risk on software projects by putting an early focus on the validity of user requirements, so as to build more usable systems. (7)


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