Decision Support Systems For Business Intelligence
    by Vicki L. Sauter

Chapter 3: The Data Component

Figures and Tables

Figure 1: Value Matrix
Table 1: Characteristics of Useful Information
Figure 2: Timeliness of Data
Figure 3: Evolution of Users’ Needs and DSS Capabilities
Figure 4: A Database Relation
Figure 5: Relational Structure of a Database
Figure 6: Boston
Figure 7: An Enterprise Data Model
Figure 8: Building a Data Warehouse in Stages
Figure 9: Process of Building a Data Warehouse
Figure 10: Data Warehouse Tasks
Figure 11: Data Cube
Figure 12: Value of Shorter Updates
Figure 13: Historic Background Information: New Automobiles
Figure 14: Historic Background Information: New Automobiles
Figure 15: Historic Background Information: Targeted Category of Automobile
Table 2: Automobile Attributes included in Kiplinger’s Buyer’s Guide to the New Cars
Figure 16: The Edmund’s Web-based Information Service
Figure 17: Annual Automobile Cost Worksheet
Table 3: Operators Possible in a “WHERE” clause
Figure 18: Sample Table, New_Cars
Table 4: Input Options Available with a Form
Table 5: SQL Summary Operations
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Code Box 2: CodeBox
Code Box 3: CodeBox
Code Box 4: CodeBox
Code Box 5: CodeBox


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