As set forth in the University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations Section 110.010.E.2, "Persons who are not students or employees of the University, while on University property, are required to abide by University policies and regulations." Section 110.010.E.3 authorizes the University to request individuals to leave campus property:

Persons who are not current students or employees of the University and who are on University property without specific permission or authorization or without an appropriate purpose may be deemed guily of trespass. A person shall be deemed to be on University property "without specific permission or authorization" from and after such time as they are requested to leave the property. A person shall be deemed to be on University property "without an approprite purpose" whenever their presence is not reasonably related to the University's educational function, or an approroved University related extracurricular activity.

Individuals violating University policies and regulations may be requested to leave the University and prohibited from returning under the No Trespass Policy. No trespass orders are issued by the Office of Student Affairs and enforced by the Campus Police. All safety concerns should first be reported to the Campus Police Department at 314.516.5155.