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Emergency Notification System

The University of Missouri System has provided an emergency notification system on its four campuses. So that you can be warned of any pending danger through this warning system, please update your cell phone and/or text messaging contact information.


This guide provides a screenshot walkthrough of the process.


The safety of the UMSL community is a vital concern and we take measures to notify our campus community of potentially dangerous criminal situation on or near our campus.  We utilize Timely Warnings to alert the campus community of certain crimes in order that such notification can aid in the prevention of similar crimes.  Timely Warnings are triggered by crimes that have already occurred but represent an ongoing threat. The intent of a warning is to enable people to protect themselves.

Timely Warnings are issued as soon as pertinent information is available.  Even if all of the facts surrounding a criminal incident or incidents are not known we will issue a warning. The Police Department may Timely Warnings if a warning needs to be issued.  Law enforcement efforts will be taken into consideration when issuing warnings that could contain information that may compromise the investigation. The university will consider the potential impact on various law enforcement operations before issuing timely warnings. 

When UMSL initiates an emergency message, it will automatically send a text message to your cell phone and send an email message to your University eumail account (in that order).

Enrollment in this program is free. Your cell phone carrier may charge you for a text message if you do not have a plan that covers it; consult your carrier to confirm. UMSL will not use this contact information except in an emergency that has the immediate potential to affect your health and safety.

For more information about our emergency response and evacuation procedures please go to Integrated Emergency Planning.