Political Science 1100, Introduction to American Politics, May 5, 2014


Current events



Dealing with Other Countries

Tough Choices, Deep Roots, Lasting Consequences

1. Tough Choices any Nation's Leaders must make

A. Isolation Or Internationalism ?


B. Use Force Or Diplomacy To Settle Disputes ?


C. Act Alone or in Alliance?


D. What Are Other Nations Really Up To ?


E. What Costs Are Tolerable ?


F. How do foreign policy choices affect domestic politics?


2. Deep Roots:
     The Choice of the Past Affect Choice in the Present and Future

    1898: The Spanish-American War

            - The US took the Philippines, making it a power in Asia and a rival of Japan


    1941 War with Japan, Germany and Italy


        The U.S. a superpower after World War II



    1945-1989: Cold war with the Soviet Union, the world's other superpower


            The Truman Doctrine

            The War in Vietnam

                American presidents, trying to keep American involvement limited, got the US more deeply involved


    1989 - to the present: The Post-Cold War World


            9/11, Afghanistan, and Iraq




3. Globalization

Goods and Services









People: The Immigration Issue