Political Science 1100, Introduction to American Politics, April 30, 2014


Current events



Government and Individual Security

        Health Care and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

            Federalism Matters: Medicaid expansion



Dealing with Other Countries

Tough Choices, Deep Roots, Lasting Consequences

1. Tough Choices any Nation's Leaders must make

A. Isolation Or Internationalism ?


B. Use Force Or Diplomacy To Settle Disputes ?


C. Act Alone or in Alliance?


D. What Are Other Nations Really Up To ?


E. What Costs Are Tolerable ?


F. How do foreign policy choices affect domestic politics?


2. Deep Roots:
     The Choice of the Past Affect Choice in the Present and Future

    1898: The Spanish-American War

            - The US took the Philippines, making it a power in Asia and a rival of Japan


    1941 War with Japan, Germany and Italy


        The U.S. a superpower after World War II



    1945-1989: Cold war with the Soviet Union, the world's other superpower


           The War in Vietnam


    1989 - to the present: The Post-Cold War World


            9/11, Afghanistan, and Iraq




3. Globalization

Goods and Services









People: The Immigration Issue



Environment: The Climate Issue