Political Science 1100, Introduction to American Politics, March 5, 2014


Current Events 


Interest Groups

1. How Groups Influence Politics

a. Inside Lobbying: Providing Information for Making Policy


b. To Provide Information, Groups Must Have Access To Policy Makers


c. Outside Lobbying: Grassroots Advocacy


d. Litigation: Going to Court


e. Electoral Support


PACs (Political Action Committees)


Super PACS



2.  Political Consequences Of Interest Groups 


a. There Is A Temptation For Political Leaders
    To Trade Policy  for Interest Group Support



b. Private Benefits Tend To Crowd Out The Public Interest


The Media 

1. "Megamedia:" The Media Business


2. Media Biases


A.   Hype: Grabbing your attention



B.   Brief Stories



C.    Political Bias? Just Cynicism


The Media Campaign


Governing through Media