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RITE Best Practices Library

Call 516-7268 to schedule a time to visit the RITE Library and peruse RITE Resources.

The library, located in 226A South Campus Classroom Building, contains over 1,000 books to assist in making tutors successful with students.

There are DVD's on the following subjects recorded by nationally famous content experts: The Joy of Science (Parts 1-5) The Joy of Mathematics, (Parts 1 & 2)
The Human Body, How We Fail, How We Heal (Part 1 & 2).

Folders have been donated to the library by teachers. These folders contain best practices teaching strategies for all grade levels and all subjects.

The RITE library contains books that are engaging for children in multicultural biographies, local leaders and childrens readers.

And finally, there are books to support tutors on ESL, Reading, Math, Tutoring, Motivation, Science, and Study Skills.

Below is a list of tutor resource materials available for you and your students that can be found at the RITE Library

Books for Pleasure Reading
Craft and Patterns Books
Early Childhood Books
Folder Games
Homework Books
Idea Books
Learning Center Books
Library Skills Books
Literacy Skill Books
Literature Books
Math Books
Multicultural Books
Phonics and Reading Books
Puzzle Books
Science Books
Social Studies Books
Thematic Units Books
Creative Writing Books