Upon written request of the student, official certification letters are mailed directly to agencies by the Registrar's Office.

Reasons you might need a certification letter:

  • Request a deferment for payment of student loans.
  • Verify eligibility for a good student discount.
  • Notify a present or potential employer of university attendance or degree recieved.
  • Notify another university of enrollment or good standing
  • Inform IRS of enrollment
  • Advise foreign consulates or governments of enrollment

What We Can Certify:

  • Registration status
  • Enrollment status (Full-time, Half-time, Less than half-time)
  • Number of credit hours enrolled
  • Degree program/emphasis area
  • Degree/emphasis area awarded and date
  • Anticipated graduation date
  • G.P.A. - Cumulative or Term
  • Academic level
  • Address, phone number
  • Course work currently in progress

How to Obtain A Letter:

  • Bring in the deferment form sent by the lender to the Registrar's Office.  Write your student number and anticipated date of graduation at top, sign and date the form.


  • Complete a Deferment Request Form available in the Registrar's Office.  Be sure to have the name and address of lender, your student number and anticipated date of graduation. 

Dowload a Deferment Request Form now to fill out in advance.  This form can be faxed to 314-516-6930 or mailed to University of Missouri-St. Louis, Registation 269 MSC, One University Dr., St. Louis, MO  63121. 

Forms are submitted to the lender along with an official certification letter of enrollment.

Insurance Verification:

  • Bring in the verification form from the insurance company.  Complete the student portion of form, sign, date and write your student number at top.


  • Complete a Letter Request Form available in the Registrar's Office.  The following information is required for completion of this form:
  1. Name and address of insurance company.
  2. Name of person carrying the insurance (i.e. parent, step-parent, relative, etc.)
  3. Name of current employer of the insured person.
  4. Policy and/or group #

Other Certification Letters

  • Contact the Registrar's Office.

Please note: Official letters are mailed only to the lenders and/or companies.