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Cancellation of Registration

Student Services: University of Missouri-St. Louis Policy on Administrative Cancellation Of Student Registration for Nonpayment Of Educational Fees:

A registered student is required to remit payment of fees by the announced deadlines. The University reserves the right to cancel the registrations in all courses of students from whom the University has not received and processed either the full payment or the required minimum payment (a stipulated portion of the balance due after deducting approved financial aid) for assessed fees by announced deadlines.

Policies and Procedures Related to Cancellation of Student Registration

  1. The University will make efforts to notify any student whose registration is about to be administratively canceled prior to taking this action
  2. If a canceled student wishes to re-register for a course that has a wait list.
    • A canceled student's space in a course will be given to other students on that course's wait list on or before the last day on which a student may enroll in a course.
    • The canceled student will be placed at the end of the course wait list.
  3. Any student who has been administratively canceled for nonpayment of fees may not enroll in a class unless the required educational fees have been paid.
  4. Canceled students who re-register on or after the first day of the semester will be assessed a nonrefundable late registration charge.
  5. Once a student's registration has been administratively canceled for nonpayment of fees, that student may not attend class unless s/he has officially re-registered.