Fall 2016 Enrollment roster verifications are to be conducted on all undergraduate credit bearing class sections each semester including summer sessions.  Mandatory roster verification is a valuable process that assist with Financial Aid compliance, retention, accurate census reporting, and a reduction in both financial and academic penalties for students.  Faculty participation in the roster verificaton process for undergraduate class sections is mandatory and subject to the same penalties used to govern grade roster submission.

Fall 2016 grades are due 48 hours (not counting Sunday) after the end of the semester.  ALL rosters must be submitted by Tuesday, December 20th at 5:00pm.

MyView is the Official Faculty Web Grading site. All new instructors must complete FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) training prior to being given access to MyView. If you are a new instructor and do not see the FERPA course in your MyGateway site, you may self-enroll following these steps:

Access to MyView is needed in order to submit grades. If you have not accessed MyView within the past six months it is possible that your MyView account could be “locked”. Please try logging into MyView to check your status as soon as possible. If you are not able to log in, please contact Theresa Keuss keusst@umsl.edu

Reminder: “FN = failure for non-participation”

When students do not complete any graded assignments, but do not officially withdraw from the course or the university, instructors may assign an FN. The F for Non-Participation cannot be changed to a grade and will be treated in GPA calculations as an F.

NOTE: To assist with your grading process, students who have officially withdrawn from your class will display a preliminary grade of “EX” (excused) on your grade roster. No change is required if that is the student’s final grade. Should you wish to issue an “EX-F” instead, please email Theresa Keuss keusst@ums.edu and she will assist you.

Faculty login: You will need your SSO ID to login. This is the same as your exchange/outlook email sign-on and your MyGateway sign-on. Here is the SSO ID lookup website: http://sso.umsl.edu

Faculty Web Grading Steps:

Instructions for uploading grades recorded in the ‘Final Grade’ column of MyGateway class grade books can be found at:  http://www.umsl.edu/technology/mgwhelp/online-grade-submission.html

Faculty desiring individual training or assistance in using the online grade entry may contact the Faculty Resource Center at 6704 or FRC@umsl.edu.

*Please note: The due date for grades is dictated by the University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations which state that grades are due three days (excluding Sunday) after the end of final examinations. For the full text go to: