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Make sure you have an advantage when applying to medical school. Do yourself a favor, JOIN the Pre-Med Society today!


                         The Pre-Med Society is a great resource for pre-med students or students seeking any kind of career in healthcare.  This is one of the best places to go to get information at UMSL on applying to medical school, preparing for the MCAT, or to just get questions answered about the medical field.  We have brought in a number of speakers that have been of great value to the pre-med students.  Other Pre-Med Society sponsored events have included a practice MCAT, SLU and Wash U medical school tours, MCAT study sessions, and guest speakers.  Future potential projects include hosting a question-answer session with local physicians, establishing an American Medical Student Association (AMSA) branch at UMSL, and starting a shadowing program for UMSL students.

             Currently, we are a small group hoping to expand the number of students we serve here at UMSL. That means that we want you involved, and getting involved is really easy.  There are no membership fees; just paperwork.  The pre-med society has a cubical in the office of student life, located on the third floor of the MSC.  From the desk, applications can be picked up or dropped off.  Applications are also located on the Pre-Med society bulletin board located across from the Pony Expresso coffee stand on the first floor of Research.  Once we have your information, you can check mygateway for upcoming events and meetings!

Office of Student Life Pre-Med Society Cubicle

375 Millennium Student Center

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Phone: (314) 516-4024


Pre-Med Society Advisor and Pre-Health Sciences Advisor:

Dr. James O’Brien, Professor of Chemistry

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