Selection and Utilization of Educational Multimedia

ED TEC 340

Winter 2000: Wednesdays, 4:15-6:45pm

South Campus Computer Building (SCB) 200A

Joe Polman, Ph.D.

Office Hours: Tuesdays 4-5:30pm, Thursdays 3-4pm, or by appointment

Office: Technology & Learning Ctr, Suite 100 Marillac Hall

Phone: 516-4804


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Overview and goals

This course is intended to prepare students for selecting and utilizing multimedia technologies for classroom use. Students will conduct projects involving packaged educational multimedia programs, Powerpoint presentation software, and web pages. The projects will incorporate graphics, sound, and video. The goal of working on these projects is to prepare students to facilitate othersÌ use of multimedia for learning in the future.

Required Activities

There are four main activities associated with the course:

1) Attending class weekly and actively participating. These sessions will be devoted to discussion of readings or assignments, and work on projects with educational multimedia programs. You should notify me before class if you know you will not be able to attend, and as soon as possible if something unexpected arises. Missing more than two class meetings will require makeup work.

2) Weekly participation in discussions on our email listserve.

You are expected to post at least one message per week to discussions on the class email listserve, You must make at least one post before 6pm Tuesday evening, the day before class. Please read other studentsÌ responses to the discussion before you post, and make an effort to build on their ideas (we want a discussion, not a set of isolated comments). Before class, make sure and read any emails that are posted after yours, because we are likely to use the online discussion as a jumping off point for face-to-face discussion.

3) Together with another student, learning how to use an educational multimedia program such as a simulation or exploratory environment, evaluating that program, and making an explanatory and critical presentation of it to the rest of the class.

4) Completing multimedia projects utilizing PowerPoint and web pages, and optionally HyperStudio. These projects will incorporate text, graphics, audio, and video.


Grades for the course will be based on work in class and out as follows:

Class Readings

Book (available at the university bookstore

Goldman, S. R., Williams, S. M., Sherwood, R. D., Hasselbring, T. S., & the Cognition and Technology Group at Vanderbilt (1999). Technology for teaching and learning with understanding: A primer. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

Any additional readings will be available on the World Wide Web

Class Schedule

Week 1: Jan 10-14, Class Wednesday, Jan 12: Introduction and Orientation
Assignment, due next Wednesday: short paper (2-3 pages) on your personal experience with educational technology in learning settings, and your perspective on the possibilities for Ed Tech.

Week 2: Jan 17-21, Class Wednesday, Jan 19: Perspective on Educational Technology

Week 3: Jan 24-28, Class Wednesday, Jan 26

Week 4: Jan 31-Feb 4, Class Wednesday, Feb 2

Week 5: Feb 7-11, Class Wednesday, Feb 9

Week 6: Feb 14-18, Class Wednesday, Feb 16

Week 7: Feb 21-25, Class Wednesday, Feb 23

Week 8: Feb 28-Mar 3, Class Wednesday, Mar 1

Week 9: Mar 6-10, Class Wednesday, Mar 8

Week 10: Mar 13-17, Class Wednesday, Mar 15

Week 11: Mar 20-24, Class Wednesday, Mar 22

Spring Break March 25-April 2


Week 12: April 3-7, Class Wednesday, April 5

Week 13: April 10-14, Class Wednesday, Apr 12

Week 14: April 17-21, Class Wednesday, Apr 19: Wrapup (last class)

Week 15: April 24-28

No Class: I will be out of town at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association.