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Hire a Ph.D.

2016-2017 Job Market Candidates

The Political Science Department is pleased to have several highly qualified candidates on the job market for the 2016-2017 academic year. We hope that you will consider them as candidates for openings at your institutions. Please contact the Graduate Director, Prof. David Kimball ( or the job candidates directly if you would like further information. Listed below are brief biographical sketches of our placement candidates, primary advisors, contact information and link to their current CVs.


Todd Combs, Graduate Instructor, Department of Political Science, UMSL.

Ph.D. Dissertation: "Development from Abroad? Transnational Remittance & Institutionalizing Diaspora Engagement for Development in Africa." Committee members: Ruth Iyob (Chair), Jean-Germain Gros, David Kimball, Kenneth Thomas.

Teaching & Research Interests: Comparative Politics, International Relations, Quantitative Research Methods, Development Studies, Transnational Remittances, Diaspora Engagement.

Vitae: CombsCV.pdf

Barbara Hosto-Marti, Graduate Instructor, Department of Political Science, UMSL.

Ph.D. Dissertation: "Globalization and the Growth of International Nongovernmental Organizations and Global Governance." Committee members: Kenneth Thomas (Chair), Nancy Kinney, David Kimball, David Robertson.

Teaching & Research Interests: American Government, Civil Society and Public Policy, Methods, Research Design, International Political Economy, Globalization, Nonprofit Management and Leadership, Resource Development for Nonprofits, Strategic Planning for Nonprofits​

Vitae: HostoMartiCV.pdf

Eric Royer, PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science, UMSL.

ABD. Dissertation: "Does Truth Promote Peace? Toward a Greater Understanding of Truth Commissions as a Form of Transitional Justice in Post-Conflict Countries."

Teaching & Research Interests: Transitional Justice, International Peacebuilding, Just War Theory, International Humanitarian Law, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

Viate: RoyerCV.pdf