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Helpful Guidelines for Teaching in Political Science

The Administrative Staff:

Rachel DuPree: M-F 8:00a-5:00p Phone: (314) 516-5521 or

Judy Cates: M-F 9:00a-5:00p Phone: (314) 516-5353 or

  • Contract of Pay Issues: If you have any questions regarding compensation, contracts, etc. please see Judy. As a reminder adjunct salaries are paid as follows: Fall - 4 equal pay periods (paid on the last day of the months of September, October, November & December); Spring - 5 equal pay periods (paid on the last day of the months of January, February, March, April & May).
  • Adjunct Offices: Adjunct members are given office space in 804 Tower. (Note: you will have office mates, but their classes are scheduled for different times than yours.)
  • Computers: If the computer or printer in our office isn't working properly, please ask for assistance.
  • Telephones: A generic message has been put on all part-time office phones. Passwords can be provided to access Voicemail if requested.
  • Building Concerns: If you are experiencing any problems with your classroom or office (temperature control, water leaks, etc.), please tell Rachel and she will contact facility services.
  • Room Request: If you need to reserve a room other than your regular classroom (Political Science Conference Room, etc.), please contact Rachel for assistance.
  • Mailboxes: All Political Science full-time faculty  and adjunct instructors have mailboxes located in the Political Science Main office. Please check your mailbox periodically for important paperwork, such as Course Evaluations.
  • Parking: Faculty members and Adjunct Instructors are provided with parking passes. Parking passes expire annually at the end of October. If you do not have a current pass, please register your car(s) online through the vehicle registration module. You will receive a temporary pass until your new pass arrives. Parking is available on West Drive ( nearest to our building), the West Plaza Garage, and Lot N. Additional parking is available in MSC Garage North & South and Lot E ( all located near the Millennium Student Center). Parking does "settle down" after the first few weeks of the semester. Please see Rachel for Handicap Parking options. If you drive an unregistered vehicle to campus, you can print a 1-day temporary parking pass
  • MyGateway and MyView: MyGateway is our online course management system. If you are new and are not on MyGateway or do not have an email address, please ask us for assistance. MyView is our Student Information system, and also the place you will post grades. Other Faculty Resources can be found through the faculty resource center
  • Syllabus: The College of Arts and Sciences requires that you place your syllabus on MyGateway for your course. In addition, please submit a digital copy to Rachel. If you would like any assistance with the construction of your syllabus, you may see Dave Robertson.
  • Text Issues: If you have concerns regarding text books or desk copies, please see Rachel.
  • Copying: We have 3 Xerox copy machines. One located in 347 SSB, another located at the end of the hallway on the 3rd floor off SSB located in front of International Studies office and another in 807 Tower. We can make copies of items you send to us electronically. Please allow 48 hours ( 2 business days for copy requests. We are understanding, though, and will try to help out in a pinch.
  • Scanning: If you require scanning from a book, please copy the pages first , then email a scan request with the copies to Rachel. Please allow 24 hours (1 business day) for scan requests. You can also scan and send to your email  using all 3 of the Xerox Copier machines. Please ask one of us if you need assistance. The faculty resource center is also available for scanning documents. You must provide ample time for the center to complete the scanning, and the online reservation form is available through the FRC.
  • A special note about copying & scanning: Due to copy cost, please try to put as much reading material online for students using MyGateway rather than making hard copies for everything.
  • Absences: Please call or email Rachel if you must cancel your class, and we we'll be happy to post the cancellation, along with any notes you might want to make regarding the class. Please use MyGateway to announce any unplanned absences to your students as well.
  • UMSL ID Card: TritonCards are processed in the University's TritonCard Office, 190 Millennium Student Center, 314-516-8680. 
  • Course Evaluations: Near the end of the semester, Rachel will notify you by email that CourseEvals are open for students.

             If you have a question not addressed, please let us know. We look forward to working with you!