Our Department Chair for Political Science is Farida Jalalzai.

Office: 347SSB
Phone: (314)516-5838
email: jalalzaif@umsl.edu

Our Graduate Director for Political Science is David Kimball.

Office: 347SSB
Phone: (314)516-6050
E-mail: kimball@umsl.edu

Our Undergraduate Advisor for Political Science is Charles Herrick.

Office: 348C SSB
Phone: (314) 516-6746
E-mail:charlesherrick@mail.umsl.edu (e-mailed preferred for correspondence)

If you have additional questions about your major or career choice, faculty are available during their office hours.
If you cannot attend the scheduled office hours contact the instructor for an appointment.






Office                    Hours 

Barbara Graham Professor 912 Tower (314)516-5854 barbara.graham@umsl.edu Tu 12:00p-12:30p;Th 12:00p-12:30p;2:00p-4:40p; and by appointment
Jean Germain Gros Professor 905 Tower (314)516-5848 jg.gros@umsl.edu Tu Th & Fr 3:00p-5:00p and by appointment
 Ruth Iyob Professor 812 Tower (314)516-6372 iyob@umsl.edu Tu & Th 11:00a-12:30p and by appointment
 Fardia Jalalzai Department Chair for Political Science 347A SSB (314)516-5836 jalalzaif@umsl.edu Tu 12:00p-1:00p; Th 2:00p-3:00p; Fridays by   appointment
 Terry Jones Professor 813 Towers (314)516-5511 terry.jones@umsl.edu Mon & Wed 9:30a-10:30a; Tu 8:30a-9:30a and by appointment
David Kimball Graduate Director for Political Science 348B SSB (314)516-6050 dkimball@umsl.edu Mon & Wed 9:00a-10:00a; Tu & Th 2:00p-4:00p and by appointment
Yuguo Liao Professor 803 Tower (314)516-5420 liaoyu@umsl.edu Th 2:00p-3:00p and by appointment
Richard Middleton Professor 901 Tower (314)516-6745 middletonrt@umsl.edu Available via email Daily; Tu Th 12:15p-2:15p, We 12:15p-1:15 and by appointment
Joyce Mushaben Professor 908 Tower (314)516-4908 mushaben@umsl.edu By appointment
David Robertson Professor 801 Tower (314)516-5855 daverobertson@umsl.edu

Mon & Wed 10:30a-11:30a; Th 9:00a-12:00p and by appointment

 Marty Rochester Professor 805 Tower (314)516-5844 rochester@umsl.edu

Mon & Tu 2:00p-3:30p; Wed 4:00p-5:00p and by appointment

Todd Swanstrom Professor 430C SSB

(314)516-5259 (office)



swanstromt@umsl.edu We 9:30a-11:30a and by appointment
 Kenneth Thomas Professor 808 Tower

(314)516-5839 (office)



kpthomas@umsl.edu (Virtual Hours) Mon & Wed 2:00p-3:00p; Tu & Th 7:00p-8:00p and by appointment
 Adriano Udani Professor 909 Tower


udania@umsl.edu Tu 2:00p-5:00p and by appointment

           If you cannot attend the scheduled office hours contact the instructor for an appointment.