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Doctoral Dissertations

Logan Brown, "Spectroscopic and Spectro-Astrometric Analysis of T Tauri Stars", December 2016 (Advisor: Dr. Erika Gibb) (PDF 2.3MB)

Gang Wang, "DFT Investigations of Hydrogen Storage Materials", March 2016 (Advisor: Dr. Eric Majzoub) (PDF 6.5MB)

Dawn King, "Evolutionary Dynamics of Speciation and Extinction", November 2015 (Advisor: Dr. Sonya Bahar) (PDF 3MB)

Dongxue Zhao, "Nano-Structured Materials for Energy Storage Applications", July 2015 (Advisor: Dr. Eric Majzoub) (PDF 9.6MB)

Adam Scott, "Speciation Dynamics of an Agent-Based Evolution Model in Phenotype Space", April, 2014 (Advisor: Dr. Sonya Bahar) (PDF 3.1MB)