GGC 2016 Call For Papers

The Philosophy of Time
: Meghan Sullivan, University of Notre Dame

When: April 23-24, 2016

Where: The University of Missouri – St. Louis


The Philosophers’ Forum and the Philosophy Department of the University of Missouri – St. Louis are pleased to announce the 11th Annual Graduate Gateway Philosophy Conference. The philosophy community at UMSL invites graduate students to submit papers on the metaphysics, history, science, perception, or ethics of time to be considered for presentation. Papers touching on any aspect of time are encouraged, especially multidisciplinary papers: time is studied in many ways!

Submission Details: Papers should be prepared for blind review, include a title page with an abstract of 150 words, and are to be no more than 3,500 words in length. Along with your paper, please submit a separate cover sheet including the following information: author name, paper title, university affiliation, and email address. Please submit your paper, cover sheet, and any questions to:

Deadline for Submission: February 1, 2016

Date of Notification: March 1, 2016

Past Conferences

  • 2014: "Group Relations", Keynote: Jennifer Lackey
  • 2013: "Pieces of Mind", Keynote: Jesse Prinz
  • 2012: "To Be or Not To Be", Keynotes: Amie Thomasson, Gillian Russell, and Berit Brogaard
  • 2011: "Introspection", Keynote: Eric Schwitzgebel
  • 2010: "Does Moral Theory Corrupt Youth?" Keynote: Kieran Setiya
  • 2009: "Updating the agenda for the Metaphysics of the Mind", Keynote: Terry Horgan
  • 2008: "The beautiful, the good and the just", Keynote: Carolyn Korsmeyer
  • 2007: "Building Bridges", Keynote: Hubert Dreyfus
  • 2006:  Keynote: Tim Crane