David Griesedieck


David Griesedieck--Photo by August Jennewein/UMSLTeaching Professor

Office: 552 Lucas Hall
Phone: (314)516-6190

Curriculum Vitae

David Griesedieck, born 1943, earned his BA from St. Benedicts College (Kansas) in 1964 and his MA in philosophy from Princeton (1967) and MA in mathematics from UMSL (1988). He has been a member of the UMSL Department of Philosophy since Fall 1970. My chief scholarly interest has always been the study of Oriental philosophy in its various forms. It is a tremendous challenge to try to bring out the meaning of these ancient philosophical texts. The subject matter and the methodology are often quite different from what we are used to in Western philosophy. I believe that if one can get a clear idea of just what is so different about Indian or Chinese philosophy, one will then have an insight into the most basic questions of philosophy and life. For example, by studying Eastern conceptions of freedom and bondage, we can gain new and decisive perspectives on the classic Western problem of freedom of the will.